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Tips on how to Start a Genuine Conversation

Dating online can be intimidating because people are quick to “judge the book by it’s cover.” You have to start the conversation off in a way that shows off who you are, to really start to build the trust between the two of you. The goal for most people is to meet in person in the end, so set the excitement and connection beforehand.

Listed below are ideas to help you get your potential love connection/hook up/or friend to respond and actually be interested

Leave the small talk behind and get to the deep conversation.
Show your sense of humor right away.
Complimenting the other person is always a good start.
Starting with just the words “hello’ or “hi” will only get you so far. Say something bold that the other person doesn’t see often.
Ask questions, don’t make it all about yourself.
Say a joke that doesn’t come across as too pervy…
Say something about their profile that stood out to you!

We hope these help you get more matches to respond to you! Just remember to be your genuine self and think about how you would want them to talk to you.