A new type of app for every part of you.
3 separate communities for a better connection experience.
The meaning behind Find a Friend, a Flirt and Fun.

What sets apart HeyHeyHey from other dating sites?  Well the first thing to know is this, HeyHeyHey is not a dating app-it is a social connection app.  Okay so what does that mean?  So glad you asked

We spent nearly two years talking to every type of person.  From people who are virgins, to people who are from it.  We chatted with people who identify as gay, striaght and everyone along the spectrum.  Here is what we found-which will not be surprising to you.

FRIEND:  All of us what to like another person and be liked

FLIRT:  All of us want to have a deep emotional connection with someone, as well as, feel that connection from another.

FUN:  All of us want to desire and be desired by someone.

All of us desire these core human connections, just not all at the same time with the same person.  So, with HeyHeyHey you can have a more honest conversation with others whom are looking for the same type of connection as you.