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How to Tell if you are in a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are more than just having a hot plus-one who you know will big spoon you at the end of the night… right? So many factors build a strong, sturdy, sexy relationship that can withstand anything, but here are 10 of the top signs you’re in a healthy partnership!

1. When you’re around them, you’re your best “you”, and you find yourself striving to be better.
2. After getting into a conflict, you both want to understand the other’s point of view, and you know a true resolution is essential to move forward.
3. You’re excited to introduce them to you’re loved ones because you’re proud of who they are and who you chose as a partner.
4. Compromising comes second-nature as you know your relationship is a give-and-take partnership.
5. You find yourself wanting to do nice things for them as an expression of gratitude to remind them you care about them.
6. Your relationship’s intimacy is two-sided. As much as you love physical benefits from them, you want them to feel just as satisfied!
7. From time-to-time, you catch yourself in moments drifting off in thought about the simplest features or traits they have that you’re attracted to.
8. Trust between the two of you is concrete because you couldn’t keep things from each other, nor would you want to.
9. They’re the first person you want to tell the good news to because you expect genuine excitement for you from them.
10. You both able to have your own space when needed, and you can still be your authentic self while around them and away from them.

When thinking about your relationship and these questions, did you smile or worry? If this helped you as a method of reassurance, go give your boo an extra kiss today. If it did anything but that, you probably deserve better.