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How to Deal with a Breakup in a Healthy Way

The end of a relationship can leave you feeling helpless, especially if you were on the receiving end of the breakup. But it can actually be an empowering experience, and a time to rediscover yourself and become aware of your own strength. Don’t believe it? Here’s how to deal with a breakup and use it as a springboard for positive changes in your life.

Let yourself feel all the feelings – To move on from a breakup in a healthy way first means grieving the relationship in a real way. Give yourself the chance to feel and express all of your emotions, whether that’s by crying, journaling, or talking to people who support you. Don’t worry if you feel you’re feeling sad for too long, take all the time you need. And don’t put any restrictions on what you should or shouldn’t feel.

Talk it out with your friends. – Talking about emotions and being vulnerable can be hard, it is one of the best ways to really let something go. Keeping it all pent up can be detrimental to your mental health. Find your homies and have a vent session and eat that dang chocolate!

Remember, you are a badass – While being with someone is an amazing feeling, sometimes you can lose yourself in the relationship. You can’t depend on others to make you happy, you have to find that within yourself. At the end of the day the person who will always have your back is you, so treat yourself right, Fall in love with yourself. We spend too long chasing others and tearing ourselves down when we really should be our biggest supporters. Remember you were fine without them before you knew them, you will be fine again soon.