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Hooking Up During Covid, Is It Worth It?

For many people the pandemic has been quite the dry period. Many people are scared of getting the virus and spreading it to others, and some are worried about the judgement they will get from family and friends. This has taken a mental health toll on the “single” crowd, especially the ones who are living alone at this time. So we have a couple ideas to help you decide if that hook up is truly worth it.

The safest way to go about meeting up with someone in person is to both isolate, wear masks in public, and get tested. This would at least give you both peace of mind that the hook up was worth it because you both tried to stay as safe as possible.

Keep that person in your circle. Make them one of the few people you see, that way you’re staying safe while also getting a constant hook up buddy!

Remember that when you do decide if taking the risk is worth it, then don’t overthink it too much! Do what is best for you and be confident in that choice! Covid has allowed us to have the best excuse to say no if we are uncomfortable, so don’t let anyone persuade you if you aren’t comfortable. But if the hook up is something you thought about and you both want, then do it with some confidence!