A new type of app for every part of you.
3 separate communities for a better connection experience.

How is HeyHeyHey different from other dating or hookup apps? 

Well, the first thing to know is this, HeyHeyHey is not a dating app-it is a social connection app.  Okay, so what does that mean?  Glad you asked.

We spent nearly two years talking to every type of person.  From people who are virgins, to people who are very much in-touch with their sexual energy.  We chatted with people who identify as gay, straight and everyone along the spectrum.  What we found will not be surprising to you.  Regardless of background, upbringing, religion or experience, all of us have three main connections we are open to

FRIEND:  All of us what to like another person and to be liked

FLIRT:  All of us want to have a deep emotional connection with someone, as well as, feel that connection from another

FUN:  All of us want to desire and be desired by someone

Yes, we all want these types of connections, but rarely with the same person at the same time.  Additionally, when we meet someone new we don’t want to share every part of ourselves at one time.  For example, when you want to meet someone as friends, you don’t want to get into who your Mr./Mrs. Right is, you just want to know if they like tennis also.  When on a first date, you don’t get into your sexual fantasies in the first five minutes.  And likewise, when you want to hook-up you really do not necessarily care about the person’s hopes and dreams for their future.

However, with the current apps, you are forced into a sea of others who may not be looking for the same type of connection as you.  With HeyHeyHey you have one app with three separate communities full of others who are looking for the same type of connection as you.